Kralalien is Carolien Müller-Genger. I am a creative mastermind, I love to make things and inspire others to be creative as well. As a child I was always doing creative things, making drawings, working with paper to make all kinds of post cards and trying out all the different things there were in the local craft stores. I was in a little creative group as well with a great teacher. In 2004 I started to make jewelry with a bead kit I got for my birthday, I got hooked to beadmaking in 2006 and in 2010 I picked up a crochet hook. In 2014 I started knitting my first pair of socks and the rest is just history.

Indie dyer at work

Colourful Creativity

Since beads are not the only thing anymore, Kralalien wasn't covering the full scope of what I do anymore. Since Colourful Creativity which was always there as a subtitle is now the working title! Colourful Creativity by me, Kralalien! But there is more, because there are more colourful creators, for the things I love but don't make there is Colourful Creativity by... I teamed up with Keramikia and Made by Bir. So Colourful Creativity is also a collective of creative ladies!

Being a crafter means working on your own a lot, which is a shame because we all love to be inspired and talk about our projects with other people. That is why I also love to connect with people with the same passion. Just like the little creative group I used to be in when I was a child. That is why you can also find Colourful Creativity on YouTube, with a podcast and a Ravelry group to chat and craft together!